Foundation Repair in Portland, MI

With the Grand and Looking Glass Rivers running through the middle of town, folks in Portland, Michigan, are used to the power and beauty of water. However, the power and beauty can turn to a real headache when you find a river in your own basement. Ark Foundation Repair might just be your new best friend if you find yourself in this situation.

Family owned and operated for 25 years, Ark has the experience and knowledge to make sure your waterproofing, or foundation repair needs are take care of in a professional, timely and affordable manner.

Whether you have a finished basement or not, waterproofing is an important element to maintaining your homes property value, as well as insuring that the foundation and structure of your home are secure for years to come. We at Ark can assist you with anything ranging from cracked or bowed wall repair all the way to a full foundation re-build.

Basement Waterproofing: We the ability and know-how to help you conquer any wet basement issues you may be facing. If water is seeping in through cracks in your floorboards, walls or even through window wells, with experience and know-how to help fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Our solutions are not just Band-Aids either. When we are finished you have the completely waterproof, and well insulated basement which will help prevent any future water leaking issues.

Foundation Repair: Foundation failure puts your home in danger, drastically reduces your property value. Some damage can be repaired, however, if the structural damages to great your foundation may need to be completely rebuilt. Whether it is brick, block or poured concrete with experience in the know how to make sure the job is done quickly, efficiently and affordably, leaving you with a well insulated, waterproof basement, a brand-new room in your home, and a little more cash in your pocket.

Bowed Wall Repair: Left unattended for too long, about wall to collapse in on itself causing extreme structural damage to your home. We can help correct the issue using a multitude of affordable and efficient bowed wall repair methods such as anchors and wall plates to not only straighten the wall, but ensure that the issue does not come back.

About our work in Portland

Portland is split into three sections by the Grand River and the Looking Glass River, in the matter which section you live in, Ark Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can provide you with time tested, reliable and affordable solutions to help keep your home dry and your foundation solid.

A lot of the repairs we do can be done 12 months a year, and require very little to no prolonged maintenance from the home owner.

If you have any cause for concern, or would just like us to come out and take a look you can call us today for service quote. Our no-nonsense team of professionals can produce and easy to understand, reasonable quote for a variety of foundation services rather quickly.

Customer Reviews

Average rating for Ark Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is 4.97 stars of 5 stars – based on 14 reviews
Wow, we are so impressed with this company. I called and they had someone out the next day. Don did a great job with the repairs he made. He was very polite and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend this company.
Cynthia L BlackmarHowell, MI 48843
Sections of a cove waterproofing system that was installed 40 years ago had been broken. Mark quickly identified what the system was an gave me a WEB URl where I could order the parts. Really appreciated the help. David Kanistanaux
David KLansing, MI 48912
The corner of my shop was sinking into the ground after it was build just 3 years ago. I talk with Mark about what I could do to correct this problem. He explain a couple of options I had and prices. I was amazed to see the price so much different from the other ones I got. Mark and his crew did it …
RoyAnn Arbor, MI 48106