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Foundation Repair in Brooklyn, MI

Though Brooklyn started out as a cottage getaway town for those Detroiters with cottages on nearby lakes, the “place for all seasons” has steadily been growing a year-round population since the mid-1960s.

With the boom in population the village has experienced, the need need for home repairs is sky rocketing, too. Ark Foundation Repair has been helping home-owners protect the property value of their homes, as well as their comfort for nearly 25 years. With our long track record of effective and affordable work, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you with issues surrounding basement waterproofing and repair, foundation repair, repairing cracked walls, crawl space encapsulation, as well as helping repair, and maintain bowed walls. These issues are drastically important to take care of once they rear their heads, even if you have an unfinished basement.

Some of the services that we provide are the following:

Basement Waterproofing: Seepage issues, or excessive moisture can seem like minor issues, however, they can lead to much more severe issues if left unattended. Proper waterproofing can help turn a damp, moldy basement into a perfect rec room, or playroom for the kids.

Foundation Repair and Bowed wall repair: Water damage can come in many different shapes and troubles, not all of which display as puddles or stains. Damaged foundations can jeopardize the entire home, and bowed walls, if left alone, can potentially collapse completely. Here at Ark Foundation we can help fix both issues with affordable and effective foundation repair.

Crawl Space Repair: If you have a crawl space that suffers from water damage, we can help you fix your issue with our crawl space repair products, and even prevent future issues with waterproofing and encapsulation.

About our work in Brooklyn

Ark Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can be there for you anywhere in Brooklyn. Whether you are north of Goose Creek or as south as Constitution Street, our technicians can be out to take a look at any of your basement, or foundation needs. Cracked or bowed walls, foundation repair or rebuild, or basement/crawl space waterproofing, we do it all, and do it everywhere. Not to mention, nearly all of the fixes we provide can be done quickly and in all seasons, and require little to no owner maintenance after we finish. These repairs and rebuild also nearly pay for themselves with how much they improve property value and reduce the chances of future incidents.

If you have any cause for concern, or would just like us to come out and take a look you can call us today for service quote. Our no-nonsense team of professionals can produce and easy to understand, reasonable quote for a variety of foundation services rather quickly.

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Very happy I made the decision I did by having Mark and his crew take care of my ‘forever wet’ basement….he explained things for me and answered my questions….they left

Jane Z. – Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Sections of a cove waterproofing system that was installed 40 years ago had been broken. Mark quickly identified what the system was an gave me a WEB URl where I

David K – Lansing, MI 48912