Foundation Repair in Lansing, MI

Lansing, the capital of Michigan in the home to Michigan State Spartans, is the fifth-largest city in the state with a population of about 114,300.

Though a lot of Lansing residents may rather focus on how the Spartans are doing, there is one thing that affects all Ingram County homes: Water damage.

Ark Foundation Repair has been family owned and operated for 25 years, and over the course of time we and our technicians have gained skills and know-how to help effectively and efficiently waterproof your basement, the crawl space, as well as help prepare cracked or bowed walls and repair or even rebuild foundations.

From Capital Region International Airport all the way down to I-96, Ark can help you with all of your homes waterproofing and repair needs.

Basement Waterproofing: With over 25 user experience, with a variety of waterproofing solutions available to help you prevent flooding, clean up and fix any previous floods, leaks or moisture issues, as well as help prevent future issues, because a wet basement is more than just a nuisance, it can cause serious issues and a lot of stress.

Foundation Repair: Here at Ark we can provide you with affordable foundation repairs or even complete rebuilds if necessary, as we make use of piers (including helical and push piers), as well as anchors to take care of common structural problems.

Crawl Space Repair: If your crawl space is damaged flooding or water leak, we can help fix the issue while also helping prevent further leaks. In addition to crawl space repair we can also install a crawl space encapsulation system.

Bowed Wall Repair: If your basement walls are leaning into your home, you need to make sure you get this taken care of right away because if left too long can cause structural damage and even fully collapse on itself. We can help provide stress relief with our bowed wall repair products on and around the wall to maintain your home’s integrity and property values.

Wall Crack Repair: If your basement walls have cracks in the concrete, brick or drywall we can help fix the issue with our wall crack repair methods, as well as hunt down the main cause of the cracks and breaks to not only fix the visible issue, to prevent it from happening again.

About our work in Lansing

Ark Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can help you with foundation repairs and basement waterproofing anywhere they cheer for the Spartans in Lansing, which is to say: All across Lansing. From the base of I-96, all the way north to the Capital Region International Airport, Ark’s professional and well trained technicians, cheer home and assess what repairs and/or rebuilds need to be done, and provide you with a quick, reliable and affordable assessment. The majority of our repairs can be done during all seasons, and require little to no continued maintenance from the home owner.

If you have any cause for concern, or would just like us to come out and take a look you can call us today for service quote. Our no-nonsense team of professionals can produce and easy to understand, reasonable quote for a variety of foundation services rather quickly.

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I am so impressed with this company both Mark Foldenauer and Pat. When I contacted Mark in regards to an inspection on a potential home we were going to buy.

Robyn – Romulus, MI 48174
I had Trace come out to look at repairs for a corner of my foundation..(center block)..the repairs were considered minor. He said he would send a crew out and do

Gary G – Township Of Hamburg, MI 48189